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Blog vs Website | the big decision

Blog vs Website | the big decision

Blog vs Website?

I have had this website for a while and for the most part it is just a place for me to share my music. I am now at a point where I want to decide if this site should remain as a static website or become a blog? Hence the name Blog vs Website. If I create a blog, what will I blog about?

I am not a professional musician but I written and performed music both with other musicians and by myself. I haven’t really updated this site over the years. The last update was when I release my song “Thinking about you” by RokGuitar and all I really did was make the song available and put the cover art on the site. Now, as I look at the site, I am trying to make a decision.

Should I continue as a hobby website or turn this into a blog?

If I were to start blogging, what would the topic be? I am looking for input. If anyone has any comments or ideas I would be interested to hear them. I am a professional systems engineer in the world of Pro Video. I build and maintain systems used by companies like TV stations, Universities, Production companies, VFX shops, Gaming companies, as well as many other smaller and larger entities who use and or create video / moving pictures. I could make the blog about that although I am not sure if people would be interested. I could even make training videos and How To’s about building systems for Editing, Color Correction, Sharing storage, live production switching and the like. Anyone interested in chiming in?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Steve Jones


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