RokGuitar Studios

RokGuitar Studios

My Studio is small but powerful. At the heart of everything is my Yamaha O3D Mixer. Although it is an older mixer, it was one of the best mixer in its time. Full-featured, fully automated, and fully compatible, it’s the Yamaha 03D Digital Mixing Console with 26-Inputs and 18-Outputs of Highly Flexible Digital I/O.
For more information about this mixer click here
Yamaha 03D

I have two sets of speakers to listen through. My main speakers are JBL LSR308 Powered Speakers. These give some amazing sound to make sure my mixes sounds great.

JBL Speakers
Alesis Point Seven Speakers
Alesis Point Seven Speakers

My secondary speakers are Alesis point speakers. They have less bottom end but still let me hear a wide range of frequencies.

I am a big fan of Cakewalk Sonar software for recording and mixing.

What is SONAR?

SONAR is more than just a digital audio workstation – it’s the most advanced music production environment available today. Choose the creative experience only SONAR offers: advanced technology, effortless workflow, and an inviting interface that amplifies inspiration. Capture pristine recordings in the award-winning, touch-enabled Skylight User Interface—then take advantage of the comprehensive editing, mixing, mastering, and publishing tools to craft your masterpiece.

I have this running on a computer with i7 processor and a Focusrite 6i6 I/O device.

I have 4 electric guitars including:

2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro more info


1998 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Sunburst (modified) Fender


DBX Diamond Imperial AB Wine Red seen here      

As well as a Mann SG(Gibson SG Japanese knock-off from the 70’s) seen here

Mann SG
Mann SG

I would suggest checking out this great article which has some very updated information comparing their Top 10 Electric Guitar Brands. Definitely some great information to be found on this page:

A Taylor GS Mini seen here

Taylor GS Mini
Taylor GS Mini

Garisson Accoustic

Garrison Acoustic
Garrison Acoustic

Aria Acoustic

Jackson 5 String Bass seen here

jackson bass guitar
Jackson JS3V

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